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image compression

Ultimate Guide to Image Compression in 2017

By now, most people are aware that slow-loading websites are a major problem for both user experience and Google search engine rankings. That being said, identifying this problem is only...

June 28, 2017
7 Must-Have Shopify Integrations 2017

7 Must-Have Shopify Integrations 2017

In case you haven’t heard, Shopify is becoming more of an e-commerce goliath by the day. For someone who has mostly worked with WordPress and WooCommerce when building out e-commerce...

January 11, 2017
Cheers to 2016

Cheers to 2016

2016 Thankful for People believing in me Family, friends, and loved ones My team and their involvement Perseverance Decision to move to Philly Risk, decisions and hard work Learning lessons...

January 03, 2017

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