Taking the Road Less Traveled as an Entrepreneur...

Everyone experiences ups and downs as an entrepreneur. Let me quickly explain a few recent setbacks I’ve had trying to grow my companies, in hopes that you can relate. Keep in mind, this is a long and bumpy road, so I’m thankful for all the entrepreneurs and everyone reading this. I also want to thank @garyvee for his inspiration! For those of you who know me, like really know me, then you know how I feel about entrepreneurship and what it means to me. This past month has truly tested me as......

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Cheers to 2016
Entrepreneurship |
January 3, 2017

Cheers to 2016

2016 Thankful for People believing in me Family, friends, and loved ones My team and their involvement Perseverance Decision to move to Philly Risk, decisions and hard work Learning lessons...

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