The goal of this project was to help Mike Over, owner and founder of Over-Achieve Fitness gym in Chambersburg, PA, establish a new website presence that would appeal to his growing audience. Mike is extremely active on Facebook, posting daily live videos and constantly motivating his members to achieve more than they ever though was possible.

The Power of Selling

One of the biggest pain points of OAF’s old website was that members were forced to leave the website to purchase products from the gym such as protein powder, energy bars, OAF apparel and more. We knew there was a better way, a way in which members could buy what they needed directly from the OAF website, without having to worry about trusting a 3rd party site. Now, you can find and purchase all of the products that are sold in the gym and checkout through a seamless PayPal integration platform. What could be easier?

Project Outline

Initial Conversation

We spoke with Mike about what problems he was currently having with his website and what he would like to see upon completion of his new site.


Template Selection

We gave Mike a variety of website template options to choose from that would be the core foundation of his new website.


Content Overload

We gathered as much content as possible from Mike. It was a mixture of copy & images from the old and new content that he had been preparing.


The Finish Line

We're almost there! There's always going to be minor changes and edits - of which we were able to make quickly to get the website up and running to show off to the world!


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