August 20, 2018

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia- Circle Thrift

Small Business Saturday Philadelphia:

Circle Thrift

On this week’s Small Business Saturday, we sat down with Martha, from Circle Thrift in Kensington. At first, you may think Circle Thrift is like any other thrift store but, it actually is unique because it is focused on growing a tight knit environment and giving back to the community.

Martha and a group of friends started Circle Thrift in 2003 when the the Mennonite Central Committee was looking for a city to place a thrift store. Considering the economy was in horrible conditions, Martha wanted to create jobs and work hard so their business could pay workers unlike many other volunteer-based thrift shops. Circle Thrift has been growing ever since and taking in anything from clothes, instruments, decor, etc to create a truly one-stop- shop for any one of their customer’s possible needs.

The close group of people who shop and work at Circle Thrift make it a pleasantly different experience when it comes to shopping. People from all walks of life come in to donate and buy clothes. Circle Thrift gives to various companies from Small Business’ in need to members in the community.

You can find Circle Thrift on their website and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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