March 5, 2018

Shaking Up Small Business Marketing In Philly (For FREE)

This impacts you or someone you know. I guarantee it. So Please Read (or watch) how we are revitalizing the small business industry in Philadelphia, completely for FREE.

I’m going to selfishly ask all my Friends & Followers to LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to the least selfish thing we do as a company at Momentum Digital with Small Business Saturday. What is Small Business Saturday (SBS)? Watch here!


Every Saturday we highlight a Small Local Businesses in Philadelphia, completely for free. Yes, FREE! This is our 20% Non-Profit Initiative at Momentum to not only help smaller companies who can’t afford an agency, but to do so in a way that proactively and unselfishly highlights all the amazing business owners and people in our city. Here is our latest episode of SBS:

Nobody else is doing this. Let me repeat —
NOBODY else is doing this.

Why would another company waste 20+ hours per week to plan, shoot, edit, and produce a video, then take more time into posting and distributing that video for thousands of people. We do this week-in and week-out and ask for NOTHING in return. Why? Three Reasons….

    1. Just because … because we actually care and actually want to help. Legit.
    1. It works … their business gets amazing free exposure while we also perfect our craft doing something we love.
  1. To grow … IF (more like when) we grow our fanbase and viewers/subscribers to eventually tens of thousands, THEN we can pitch for a sponsor (cough, cough @VisitPhilly or @AmericanExpress)

Amazing hypothesis! LOL

What’s the last nice thing you did for someone that cost you a lot of your time? We want to make and different, and we already are, but we need to make a bigger splash. It may seem as if we’re revolutionizing the small business community in Philadelphia. Butttttt …. we need a bigger following to reach more people! So, stop reading this. Like STOP (but do come back), and please immediately Like this Post, Comment/Tag a business/person you think could be featured as an SBS, and SHARE this post. Oh, and don’t forget to Follow us on Facebook and Subscribe to our YouTube!

So I guess I am asking for something in return — I’m asking that you SHARE this message. This is BIGGER than Us. This is BIGGER than You. We, as a company, strongly believe in The American Dream and empowering the people who have and always will be the backbone of this country.

    • SUPPORT people like George Ofidis, owner and founder of George’s Pizza, a small mom and pop shop on Girard.
    • SUPPORT people like Robert Perry, owner and founder of Tattooed Mom, a bar and restaurant in South Philly.
  • SUPPORT people like Alexis Hoban, owner and founder of Odyssey Hair Studio, a boutique hair salon in Washington Square.

To those who already support and follow Momentum and SBS, we want to say thank you! We plan on sending updates with a new SBS series every Saturday on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Email and our Blog.

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