Social Media Management

We all know that a compelling social media presence is essential for the growth of a business, but with so many intricacies for each platform, how do you know the next step to take?

Momentum Digital’s social media management and marketing services take the reigns of your social channels to not only maintain, but actively grow your social presence. To put it simply: we make sure the right content is seen by the right people on the right platform at the right time so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

How Can We Help?


We’d like to think of ourselves as your newest team members as we work towards a common goal. We’ll sit down with you and get to know each other before we jump right into the work. It’s important for us to create a friendly relationship with our clients before we become business partners.

Our social media strategists will work with you to establish a holistic, measurable plan to launch your social media above the competition.

In short: tell us exactly what you want and we’ll tell you exactly how we’ll achieve it together.

Strategy Development

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, so why should your social media strategy be? Your dedicated Social Media Manager will work with you to create successful marketing gameplans, whether it’s for your entire social presence or for an upcoming campaign.

Our team will carefully analyze your business, niche, and competitors. Momentum Digital will audit its existing social media to devise a custom strategy to reach your goals, whether it’s website clicks, local visits, or audience engagement. We’ll generate monthly content calendars and posting schedules for your business, so you’ll see the content lineup before it goes live, putting you at the helm of your new social media strategy!

We understand that social media is a fast-paced game, so we’ll monitor your social channels and adapt your strategy in real time. In essence, your new social media solution will scale along with your business.

Growth Optimization

Our strategists are virtuosos when it comes to the inner workings of social media. Every business is unique, so your social engagement solution should be too, right?

We’ll carefully analyze your business and divulge the best methods to cultivate your social audience.

Rest assured, there are no blackhat marketing tactics at play here. That means no fake followers, likes, or other deceptions. Your business and motivation is real, so your followers should be too.

Community Management

A fine-tuned strategy is useless without the right eyes seeing your content. We focus on building relationships with your audience. Community outreach is essential for building a relevant and engaging social audience for your business. Momentum treats your community like our own family, and you can rest assured our interactions with them will be nothing short of cheerful and inviting.

Your current and new followers will not only fall in love with the content on your company’s page, but the social interaction will keep them coming back for more. We’ll lead them through the social sales funnel with compelling content and offers, not cheap marketing tricks!

Content Creation

Content is the lifeblood of any brand’s social media marketing strategy. Whether you choose to create your own content or let us handle the creative, we’ll be sure to optimize your media in a way to tell your brand’s story best. Afterall, social media is all about sharing your company’s story and progress with the world.

We’ll research what’s popular and trending in your niche and create unique content around what your future customers are engaging with. Together, we’ll construct compelling content that tells the world what you’re all about. You in?

Reporting and Communication

Stay in the loop on your brand’s social growth with our custom generated reports. Your dedicated social media manager will keep you in the loop on your campaign’s progression and insights. We’ll update you on whichever KPIs you’re most interested in, and can create a unique dashboard so you know exactly what’s going on!


Instagram is arguably the most popular social media platform for both emerging and established brands, and it just so happens to be our specialty! Our in-house social media team is well versed in the intricacies of Instagram’s sorting algorithm, best engagement practices, hashtag use, and creative content strategies. Whether your goal is to acquire relevant followers, generate leads, or drive website traffic, we’ve got your back the whole way! With our support, your company will be a master of the ‘Gram in no time!


There’s no doubt that video content can be an incredibly effective advertising tool. Our professional photo and videographers know just what it takes to create videos your viewers will binge watch. We’ll optimize your videos in alignment with the best guidelines for YouTube search engine optimization. The only number skyrocketing will be your video’s view count, not the money you’re spending!

Facebook Management

We’ll optimize your company’s Facebook business page to reflect exactly what you do best. Through careful research and trend analysis, we’ll create content that’s proven to be engaged with, attracting new fans to your page and visits to your business. What’s there to not love?

Looking to start a Facebook ad campaign? We’ll create a targeted campaign from the ground up so you can start driving sales in no time. 

Ready to grow your business?

We are ready to get you conversions. Call us and start the process.

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